Why Attend a Webinar

At Custodian we communicate our key strategies through a number of platforms, including our YouTube channel, workshops and also webinars. This post is about our webinars. So what is a webinar and why may be this be the best option for you?

A webinar is simply a seminar, except we conduct it online via some software that enables us to present our workshop direct to your computer. What this means is that you can attend our presentation without leaving your home or office. All you need to do is login to the webinar at the appropriate time on your PC and you can follow the information, listen to the presentation and interact with us as far as the software allows. So the real benefit with a webinar is its accessible from anywhere you are.

We find this platform is particularly useful for parents of young families who may find it difficult to leave their children to attend our property investment seminars in person, or business people who may be too busy to spend time travelling to and from our live events. Also of course, webinars remove geography as a barrier for attendance, so people who live a distance away from our main workshop locations can enjoy the material as well. All you really need is a computer and an internet connection.

The main disadvantage with a webinar is losing the human touch. We find attendees of our workshops feed a bit more off each other. This means that inspiration and energy multiplies and also questions tend to develop better, as spoken questions tend to prompt other questions.

So what would you prefer? If attending a workshop in person is for you, you can view our schedule of workshops here: Custodian WealthBuilders Workshops. If a webinar is more appropriate for your circumstances, please call us on 1800 174 999 and we will let you know when our next online webinar is, along with the login credentials.

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