Custodian Webinars – And Technology

Sometimes Technology Lets You Down

What a great start it has been to 2015. For all our Team members, we put on a 2015 Kick Start webinar/webcast. There were hundreds of people who signed in – as it turned out it was the biggest live production we have put on. In that respect – wow what a great success.

Unfortunately – technology let us down this time and we did not get to the end. Check out this video, to hear John’s take on the event.

One great thing regarding failed technology – is we quickly get the chance to make good. Which is what we have done, completing the content for the webinar and making it available to you.

As John mentioned – this full webinar is available to everyone for full download. To all Team Custodian members – you will have received an email already with the link to this full webcast. If you are not a member of Team Custodian and you would like a download this full webcast, please send us an email at

It is great to see so many Team Custodian members who have signed you for our CATS challenge. Change your daily habits that are holding you back and you WILL change your life!

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